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Welcome to DixieZone

The store where DIXIE Heritage turns into REBEL Pride.  With a wide range of REBEL, CONFEDERATE and REDNECK products available, this is your one stop shop for that special REBEL FLAG, CONFEDERATE CAP, DIXIE BELT BUCKLE or other items to make you stand out from the crowd and show your friends and family just how proud you are of your SOUTHERN Heritage.

We are proud of our large selection of REBEL FLAGS, DIXIE BELT BUCKLES, CONFEDERATE CAPS and much, much more. We make every effort to keep everything in good taste, as it is not our intention to promote hate. It is our desire to promote our great SOUTHERN HERITAGE in a manner to demonstrate all the positive attributes of the SOUTHERN PEOPLE and our great HERITAGE.

Some of our items have discounts available for bulk buying. Many times, we may not have the bulk quantities in stock and the computer will block the sale. However, if you will contact us at and let us know what you want, we should be able to have it in 3-4 days. As soon as we have it in hand, we'll let you know and you may order it.

So whether you're looking for "SOUTHERN HERITAGE" products or just browsing, we are glad to have you here. Thank you for visiting.

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